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  • Middleman

    • 2 articles

    Middleman is a great mini framework for building front-end applications. It will give you compilation tools, asset pipeline and routing without all the hassle of working with a complicated stack or back-end.

  • MongoDB

    • 1 screencasts
    • 2 articles

    Not everyone is a fan of schema-less databases, but when you are working with a strong framework like Rails that heavily defines relationships, a database like Mongo is pretty incredible.

  • Ruby for Beginners

    • 3 screencasts
    • 8 articles

    Find Ruby content that is written in a way that makes few assumptions, and walks you through even the trivial steps to make sure that you can follow along as a beginner to Ruby programming.

  • Ruby on Rails

    • 1 articles

    Ruby on Rails is one of the most widely used frameworks due to it's scaffolding, versatility and focus on RAD (Rapid Application Development).

  • Sinatra

    • 1 articles

    Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort. It is great for small and nibble web applications without the need for a large framework such as Rails

  • Third Party Rails Gems

    • 3 articles

    Blog posts on working with third party gems on the Rails framework. There are many uses cases where we need to understand them further, build upon them or only use certain pieces of the gem.