The best Rails gems

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Using Sidekiq to move work to the background.

Threads and background jobs really increase the performance of a large application. However, dealing with these tasks can be tedious and problematic. Neglecting to leverage background jobs can really cost your application in terms of performance. Sidekiq makes these issues a thing of the past. The gem, by itself, lets you move processes to the background with ease. The premium service offered by sidekiq is even better, offering you a dashboard to manage and observe your queues. Hands down, this is the best gem for managing processes, don’t even bother comparing or searching for others.

Authorization with Access Granted Gem

CanCan was great for the last few years. Role based authorization was so minimal and easy to understand, which is great because ACL’s can become a huge pain in complex applications. However, because of CanCan’s simplicity, you often needed to fork the gem and make it your own whenever you pushed past simple rules. Recently a new contender has arrived which preserves the simplicity of CanCan while making it very easy to extend the scope and create conditional rules. Go check out and use Access Granted for your next project, and you will likely never look back!

Content Management with Administrate

We’re actually pretty partial to our own framework, Manticore, because we don’t like to be married to front-end frameworks or gems that will need to be modified at the core. However, when working with other teams or on existing projects, Administrate is one of the best gems you can use. It’s way less assuming than competitors like ActiveAdmin or Rails Admin, and is far easier to override, extend and build upon.